It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…camp

Not this sort of office Christmas Party…
  1. A venue for this party!
  2. A Secret Santa gift exchange
  3. Decorations
  4. A Christmas dinner
  5. Christmas carols

Our Venue

For a location, we went side country. We hiked about 1km past Camp Horizon, on the border between the camp and the wild, wild west of McLean Creek

yeah, this stuff…
What they saw in their minds…
The outcome

Secret Santa

Our rules were simple:

Santa Scout with his bag of gifts….


I was a Scout leader for almost 10 years and it NEVER occurred to me to bring lights to a winter camp…

Feels cheap — look amazing. And they last
Cheap lights == Fun nights

Our Dinner

Our group enjoys cooking in the back (or in this case, side) country. The idea of pouring boiling water into a sack filled with freeze dried food isn’t all that appealing. They don’t learn much, the food is expensive and tastes like the bag.

Home lab testing
I know what you’re thinking…

Christmas Carols

The first (and really, only) failure of the weekend. Kids don’t know the words to Christmas carols anymore. They can recall and execute intricate tiktok dance sequences but the We Three Kings or Silent Night? …nope.


It was a cold winter weekend in 2019. We had no idea what 2020 would be like. No idea a camp like this wouldn’t be possible until the world opened back up.



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Jamie McIlroy

Jamie McIlroy

Husband and Father. Wilderness First-Aid Certified. Terrible at tying knots. I play Squash. I like things that Trade. Leafs fan. FRC and Scouts Canada